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    Technology Introduction

    Tooth parts asynchronous high-frequency quenching technology

    By using the self-made coils and magnetizers, it is possible to ensure that the hardened layer of the tooth parts match the tooth shape during induction heating, thereby achieving the effect that the tooth portion is not hardened overall. The hardness of the tooth surface is increased but the hardness of the tooth core is constant, which improves the impact resistance of the tooth.

    Thin-walled parts processing technology

    At present, many controllers in new energy vehicles have thin-walled flat-plate parts of about 2.5mm-3.0mm. Such parts are subject to compression deformation and machining deformation during processing, resulting in the dimension deviation of the parts. Through the pre-grinding process before processing, our company can ensure the processing flatness within 0.1mm

    Blind hole honing technology

    During the blind hole processing, it may encounter the problem of poor condition for  internal processing and chip removal, leading to the unstable product dimensional tolerances and poor surface roughness. Our company can guarantee the dimensional accuracy of the product within 0.002mm through the inner hole diamond honing technology.

    Multi-layer filter cleaning technology

    The multi-layer filter cleaning machine independently designed and manufactured by our company can filter out the residual impurities in the cleaning solution and ensure that the metal particles of the products are smaller than 0.2mm,by combining the rotating high pressure flushing with the multi-layer automatic filtration system.

    Axial forming technology

    Axial forming is similar to extrusion molding. Through the coordination between the upper and lower molds, and an axial impact force to form internal and external splines or serrations, the process time can be shortened to 10% of the conventional process.

    Gear forming technology

    Engine steel timing sprocket has strong advantages in China, equipped with more than 3 million engines every year.


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